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ATS at AIA 2019!

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Hello ATS Family!

We are pleased to announce that Allied Technical Solutions has just come back from attending the AIA Conference on Architecture 2019 from June 6-8, 2019!

At this year’s conference, we displayed the new developments of our ATS Spec Tool 3.0 along with ATS Project Tracker. We even had ATS’s partner, Spectrum Lockers on-site displaying the newest and greatest innovations to date.

We also had an exciting giveaway available at our booth. We had ‘The Great Spec Race’ Trivia Game Think or Sink version, which offered a $800 worth of tech prizes to our trivia contest winner.

Las Vegas was filled with actionable insights that had the ability to inspire your projects and your practice, from some of the most creative architects, designers, firms, and futurists. 

ATS Spec Tool 3.0

ATS Spec Tool 3.0 has a variety of new features and is an upgrade from ATS’s version of Spec Tool 2.0. See a list of the main features of Spec Tool 3.0 below. 

1. Increased speed (faster searches means less time it takes to create a spec)
2. Additional categories and products (more products and categories means more choices for the designers)
3. Enhanced user experience while searching for a product (makes learning and finding products easier for designers)
4. Enhanced user experience while creating a spec (easier to create a complete or partial specification)
5. Greater flexibility in product selection (great for customers that have custom products)
6. Print customization (coming soon, allows for users to customize their specifications)

ATS Spec tool makes it easy  to create customized schedules, 3 part specs any division 10 product including phenolic lockers, toilet partitions, and washroom accessories to learn how click here


Want to learn more about ATS Spec Tool 3.0! Why not sign up for Spec Tool Beta by clicking the button below. 

Sign up here

Allied Technical Solutions Booth

 This was our booth setup, where we demonstrated our new software Spec Tool 3.0, as well as played our trivia game The Great Spec Race. 


The Great Spec Race – Prize Winner

This year at AIA Conference on Architecture ATS gave Architects the opportunity to win $800 worth of tech prizes. Below is a photo of Kyujung Whang, this year’s prize winner!



 Bobrick Washroom Equipment is recognized as an industry leader in well-designed, value-oriented restroom accessories and toilet partitions. This year at AIA Conference Bobrick had on display some of their newest best in class Hand Dryers, Soap Dispensers as well was other restroom accessories. For Toilet Partitions they had everything from Classic Series to Privada to Thrislington to meet any project need. Here’s Bobrick’s interactive booth setup – we hope you had a chance to visit with them. 


Spectrum Lockers, ATS partner company shared a booth this year with Allied Technical Solutions. Spectrum Lockers is a phenolic locker manufacturer based out of Toronto, Canada. Here is a photo of the locker set we had on- site. 



ATS Team

We hope you found our post- AIA guide useful and remember to join us at our next upcoming trade show or conference!


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