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Canada Barrier-Free Code Guide 2020

Canada Barrier-Free Code Guide 2020: be code compliant from coast-to-coast

Over the years, Canada has been assessing its current regulations to make daily living more accessible for all, including those who are wheelchair-bound or have reduced mobility. In 2016 suggestions were made to harmonize the building code between Ontario and the rest of Canada. These changes will help reduce red tape for businesses and remove barriers to interprovincial trade throughout the country. The new guidelines for 2020 vary by province and emphasize additional support.  Our Canada Barrier-Free Code Guide 2020 provides a detailed focus on all the policies across the nation, to equip you with everything you need to know about the barrier-free code.

 This article will clarify the changes and help guide product specifications to meet these new codes and make the transition easier. All codes listed are new requirements. Take a look at our Canada Wide Barrier-Free Guide for information on all updates and code changes in each province.

Take a look a the codes for each of the regions below:

  1. Ontario: See the full list of barrier-free codes and new code changes announced in 2020, or download the Ontario Cheat.
  2. Quebec: Ensure your design is up to code in Quebec
  3. The Atlantic Provinces:  Take a look at the changes for Novia Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Price Edward Island.
  4.  The Prarie Provinces: Ensure your design is up to code in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.
  5.  Western Canada– British Columbia focuses mostly on ensuring free space. Ensure your designs are up to code in British Columbia.
  6.  The North: Ensure you know the code for Nunavut,  The Northwest Territories, and Yukon.
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