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Celebrating 10 years of online service to the design community!


Take a look at what we’ve achieved in the past 10 years!


Here at ATS, we’ve been connecting the design community with manufacturers’ product detail since 1969. 10 years ago ATS went online offering ATS SPEC, a free time-saving Specification Information System that connects the design community and their building spec requirements with the leading manufacturers’ products in the construction industry. In the last 10 years, ATS has built over 55,000 specifications and helped over 31,000 users save countless hours.

If the average office building takes roughly 80 hours to specify, with ATS Spec you can speed up your process by specifying that same office building in just 30 minutes! This means that you can build 160 office buildings on ATS Spec, in the same amount of time it takes to put together 1 office spec manually. That’s 160% faster!

Think about the different things you could do with your free time!



To celebrate 10 years of the ATS Spec Tool being online, we want to recognize our amazing, talented users and pick their brains about why they chose ATS Spec.  Here is what they had to say,

Thanks to all our users for giving us the opportunity to serve you better and to our beloved Sponsors, thank you for all of your support throughout the years. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you!

A special thanks to Bycar Engineering Ltd, Daniels Wingerak Engineering Ltd, FWD Engineering, Northstar Engineering & Technologies Ltd , Nova 3 Engineering, R.J. Burnside & Associates Ltd, and WSP Canada Inc, for the lovely testimonials.

Let us grow together!

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