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Design With Care: Latest Product Innovations In Healthcare

Our healthcare professionals work hard to ensure the needs of the sick and elderly are met. Product innovations assist our healthcare professionals support patient, worker safety and comfort. ATS has researched and compiled a list of products to help Architects, Interior Designers and Mechanical Engineers design with care. Specify the latest and most innovative products for the next clinic, medical room or hospital project with patient and healthcare professions safety and comfort in mind.

Franke Medi-flo:

Front Sink

The Medi-flo is the industry’s first sink with a Laminar Ozone Chamber. Infusing water with Ozone is twice as effective as bleach and kills bacteria 3000 times faster. The 9-inch sink inhibits the formation of bio-films on the sink and waste trap, improves the results of hand washing and reduces splashing. An infra-red sensor ensures hands are in the optimum place for washing and splash containment and the sensor also triggers a 3-second post wash to remove any soap residue and keep the sink and trap clean.

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The Watts SmartStream UV

Watts Uvsmart Stream

The Watts SmartStream UV uses the power of Ultraviolet light to inactivate 99.9999% of harmful organisms like cysts, bacteria, and viruses that can lead to serious illness. The UV light disrupts their genetic DNA material, quickly inactivating microorganisms by destroying their ability to multiply and infect.

The SmartStream UV disinfection must be used as a last step in the water treatment system, just before dispensing. UV can also be used as a pre-disinfection for reverse osmosis systems to protect the membranes from microbial contamination.

If that wasn’t innovative enough, this system also helps improve the performance of equipment and features a sleek and compact design for your healthcare settings and laboratories.

Bobrick’s New Recess – Mounted Specimen Door

B-505 Product


Bobrick’s new Recess-mounted Specimen Door provides convenient passage for specimen from patient area to laboratory. The Specimen door ensures privacy by ensuring only one door opens at a time. It also features self-closing doors and a removable tray for added hygiene and easy removal of specimens-making it the perfect product for hospitals, clinics and wherever specimen collection is required. Additionally, the specimen door provides a sight barrier, mounts in wall 3” to 5 ¾” thick and requires a rough wall opening of 11.5” W by 10.87” H.

This product can be specified in steel or stainless steel.

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Powers IntelliStation – Digital Mixing System

System Render Softer

With the IntelliStation, facilities managers can remotely monitor and control water temperatures on an easy to read full-color LED touchscreen interface. It is also field-configurable so it does not require the use of a laptop or special software, and can be integrated in a building automation system (BAS). The IntelliStation can digitally regulate temperature to ASSE 1017 within +/-2°F, even during low and zero demand periods and with its precision, reducing energy costs.

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Acudor – Airtight Watertight Access Door ADWT

ADWT 0005

Introducing the infectious particle protecting Acudor- Airtight watertight Access door. The Acudor access door is ideal for use in laboratories, clean rooms, and operating rooms, where an airtight and watertight seal is required. It has an air infiltration level of less than 0.01 cfm/sq foot, and it can withstand water penetration of up to 15.0 psf. It is designed to control the spread of dust and infectious particles in the atmosphere. Specify the Acudor access door in steel or stainless steel.

Lifeline®dialysis box

Lifeline Dialysis BoxThe Lifeline® dialysis box features a stainless steel supply and is designed for use with dialysis machines that use RO (reverse osmosis) and DI (deionized) water, mixed with dialysate saline concentrate to prevent the corrosion of metals used in supply and waste systems.





Sloan’s new Sloantec® Hydrophobic Glaze



Maintain cleanliness and hygiene with the Sloantec® Hydrophobic Glaze. It features a unique glaze that is both hydrophobic and oleophobic, which means it repels liquids and oils. The Sloantec® also resists the adhesion of solid waste. The hydrophobic and oleophobic glaze inhibits the growth of germs and bacteria, making the fixture easier to clean and keep clean for a longer period of time.

The SloanTec® Glaze can be specified on any Sloan fixture.




For more information on these new innovations in healthcare and to specify them on your next project, contact ATS!

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