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Design Trends 1: PRIVADA restroom Partitions

Hello, 2018!

This year we will be doing a series on new and upcoming design trends. These will feature the latest and greatest product innovations and stellar designs, you won’t want to miss out on! In our first edition of ‘Design Trends’ we’re discussing restrooms you won’t want to leave! Take a ‘Chic’ peek at the sleek and stylish PRIVADA Partitions.

Sleek, Stylish, Private: PRIVADA.

Designed for highly prestigious, exclusive restroom projects, the new PRIVADA line gives users the ultimate feeling of luxury with a completely tailored, serene experience.

The cubicles feature an invisible, floating frame and no exposed hardware or fasteners. While the interlocking facia panels fit perfectly eliminating line-of-sight for the most superior, private restroom experience. For even more privacy,  PRIVADA cubicles have self-closing doors and indicate if they are occupied.

European inspired but US manufactured, PRIVADA has half the lead time of overseas suppliers.

PRIVADA Partitions also offer:

A wide range of sizes and height options to meet any design needs

The partitions are tailored with customizable finishes, hardware and height options to fit any design.

PRIVADA Partitions Door sizes


Customizable finishes 


Urinals privacy screens

Urinal Screen


Did you know, PRIVADA is built-to-last and is backed by a 10-year warranty? So, Architects and Designers can feel confident that PRIVADA will exceed their clients’ expectations, providing exceptional value from installation throughout the lifetime of the product.


Click here to learn more or to request samples.


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