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Judo Ferroclean


Closed-loop heating and cooling systems require appropriate treatment programs to control corrosion, fouling, and harmful microbiological growth. Heat transfer fluids such as glycols also require adequate preventive treatment in order to maintain optimal performance.

Deposits of iron sludge that occur in closed heating and cooling systems cause system breakdowns and result in higher costs of maintenance or higher energy expenditure. Typically chemical corrosion is used to maintain the system, however, JUDO has created a more beneficial system that eliminates chemicals and is entirely eco-friendly.



The Ferroclean is a suspended solids sludge separator with an integrated venting system. The Ferroclean traps and retains iron sludge using a special earth magnet rod encased in a protective sleeve. Install the product upstream from the system that you wish to protect (e.g. boiler, heat exchangers or refrigeration unit). The purpose is to capture and remove iron-based suspended solids from closed-circuit heating and chilled systems.


–        Chemical-free water treatment: eco-friendly

–        Simple and easy to use

–        Reliable

–        Cheap to run & no filter cartridge to replace (No additional material cost)

–        Easy to maintain

–        Low iron suspended solids levels maintained on a continuous level

–        Deposit free heat transfer surfaces ensure maximum energy efficiencies

–        Floor mounting support included


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