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Covid-19 Design Guide: Rapid Delivery and Restructuring of Healthcare Facilities 

With almost three million infected with COVID-19, no healthcare system was prepared for the influx of patients. As such, there is a need to quickly redesign healthcare and create more facilities to keep up with the unprecedented number of patients that require medical assistance. Many convention centers like Javits Center, in New York, or temporary buildings are being erected near hospitals such as the one near Joseph Brant’s hospital grounds just outside Toronto, Ontario to cope with this situation. 

We need to redesign healthcare; bringing patients into these spaces as soon as possible while ensuring safe, sanitary working conditions for healthcare workers is of utmost importance. To help, ATS has compiled a list of products that can satisfy the design and procurement needs of these spaces.

Temporary Healthcare Rooms

These configurable panel solutions from PC350 are perfect for creating private spaces for rows of patients. The systems are highly configurable and the extrusion systems allow safe delivery of electricity to each unit for any ventilator or other equipment required. 

Portable Hand Washing Station 

Making handwashing stations outside each patient “room” in certain field situations can be very difficult. Acorn Engineering designed a handwashing unit which can be rolled into any space to supply water via a garden hose or a water tank. These units can also be fitted with a gooseneck manual or automatic faucet to minimize contact and ensure the best handwashing procedures. 


Redesign Healthcare: Updating Previous Health Care Facilities 

Improving the handwashing space in healthcare systems has been a focus of studies for many years. Thus many healthcare facilities have adopted sinks that minimize the water splashing as that can lead to the spread of disease. 

As an example, Franke has its Medi-flo hand hygiene sink. It has a unique design that reduces splashing and also features a faucet that runs ozonated water – which has been proven to help sanitize the sink, waste and increase the efficiency of handwashing (even if the user does not use soap). 

If you have any questions about the products featured in this article feel free to contact ATS. Our product experts are here to help via Live Chat, Email, and Phone (from the safety of our homes) or drop us an email and we’ll contact you!

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