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ATS Announces a Newly Refined Product Selection Process

ATS is proud to announce a newly refined product selection process.

At ATS, we strive to provide only the best specification tools to the design community. With our new product selection, it is more than just a refined process; it is about an innovative approach to building plumbing specifications even faster.

The newly refined search has eliminated all steps, so that users can access the product selection page within seconds. The step-by-step questions are now displayed on the left side of the page as a series of product filters. Simply check or uncheck the product filters to find the product best suited for users’ applications, or search by product name or model number, and see the applicable products instantly refresh.

Since the new product selection process is simply another way to build a spec, there is no obligation for a user to change how they currently specify with ATS. If users are more comfortable with the guided selection steps of the original process, they can continue using it. We want to be sure that our users are as satisfied as possible, so to achieve this, we have provided access to both product selection processes.

Please visit us today at and discover our new specification process.

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The ATS Spec Service is a NO-COST, NO-CATCH Plumbing Specification Information System that connects the design community and their building spec requirements with the leading manufacturers’ products in the plumbing industry. With the ATS Spec Services, designers may conveniently review manufacturers’ product details and build a complete and accurate plumbing specification package. Packages are complete with images, written specs, 3D BIM design details, budget pricing, and much more.

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