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#FF: Follower Feature for March 2014

In 2014, I would like to utilize this column to delve deeper into specific social media platforms. After all, I bashed you over the heads with a monthly dose of general best practices in 2013. I think in-depth pieces will prove useful as our industry continually grows in the digital world.
This month, let’s look at Google+. It should come as no surprise that Google, and its subsidiary YouTube, are considered the most used search engines on the World Wide Web. If you take the time to connect the dots, it should also be no surprise that Google+, the official social media platform of Google, could be beneficial to you and your business’ online popularity.

Plumbing Engineer has been experimenting with Google+ over the past year. What we have found is that Google Hangouts On Air, live broadcasts of online conversations of multiple users, are beneficial to both us and our audience. One example is a hangout we led with American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) President Jim Kendzel as he discussed how the Society has used and will continue use social media in the future, especially online video tools. Another hangout example was the recent live broadcast that aired the Tangible Assets of Geothermal session from our sister publication, Phc News, at the 2014 AHR Expo.

Google+ is a great place to bridge a connection with your existing YouTube following and increase the visibility of posts that you may already be sending out on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. We have found that human interest stories, national and international news, and multimedia content are appealing to Google+ followers in our industry. Stay tuned as we increase our hangout video offerings this year! And, consider starting a page of your own or sprucing up the existing one that connects to your YouTube channel (you can navigate to your Google+ page from the user profile menu on YouTube).

The followers I have listed are active on Google+ and Twitter. Search them on both platforms to see the unique things they are doing.

• Allied Technical Services (@ATSspec): This company utilizes Twitter for promotions, industry news, cross promotion and live interaction. Its Google+ page features similar posts with an added emphasis on live posting at industry events.

• Johnston Power & Associates (@JPA_engineering): Visit JPA’s Twitter page to learn about its services and promotions. Then, switch to its Google+ page for a more visual experience of photos and video.

• H&A Architects and Engineers (@HAIncTweets): There are a variety of posts related to trivia questions, contests, blogs, trends and company acknowledgements on this business’ Twitter page. Its Google+ page offers slightly more in-depth posts about politics and its own blog articles.

Follow our social media pages and you just might find your name listed in the next #FollowerFeature!

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