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Join ATS in Celebrating World Plumbing Day


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It seems like an ordinary and minuscule part of our lives, and we often overlook the importance of its very existence. It is an essential factor to global health and safety and all those who depend on access to water, water sanitation and sustainability. While we go about our lives, this system plays a vital role in keeping our cities’ infrastructure intact. This system is called plumbing– the practice from which all these things are made available to us!

Ever wonder what we would do without those who are at the front lines of the Plumbing industry? What would we do without those individuals who help us have access to water, water sanitation, sustainability and a city that’s safe to live in? In a time where our water resources are becoming exponentially scarce and our standard of living is increasing, it is becoming highly critical to have plumbing professionals maintaining our water infrastructures. Without them, our world would be a disaster.

March 11th, World Plumbing Day, marks the celebration of the Plumbing industry and recognizes the many helpful and hardworking professionals who devote their careers to making sure we can go about our daily lives safely and hygienically. On this special occasion, ATS would like to recognize these individuals by taking the privilege of thanking the engineers, architects, manufacturers and the Plumbers who are there at our beck and call.

Help generate awareness of World Plumbing Day with these simple actions:

  1. Spread the word about the importance of the Plumbing industry.
  2. Follow publications such as “Health Aspects of Plumbing” and “Environmental Aspects of Plumbing”, created by the World Health Organization which gives tips on how to get your fundamentals on plumbing safe and right. This is available on
  3. Embed and carry the World Plumbing Day logo on your signatures when sending out emails, letters, messages, etc. (Also on days leading up to World Plumbing Day).
  4. Create social media buzz by joining and sharing these World Plumbing Day pages: and Also, don’t forget to use #WorldPlumbingDay when posting!
  5. Comment below and let us know what you are doing for World Plumbing Day!

Let’s join together, take action and spread awareness! Plumbing is vital to global health and at ATS, World Plumbing Day, is every day.



The word “plumber” dates back to the Roman Empire. The Latin translation for lead is “plumbum” and the Romans used lead in conduits and drain pipes. Lead was also used for piping and making baths. In the medieval times, those who worked with lead were referred to as “Plumbarius”. Thus, a person with expertise in working with lead was first known as a Plumbarius, which was later shortened and changed to “plumber”.