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What you need to know about BIM – an industry game changer

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process involving the generation and management of digital models of a structure’s physical and functional characteristics. This allows any aspect of a design’s performance to be simulated and evaluated before it is built, while promoting new levels of coordination and collaboration between stakeholders which was never before possible.
Why is BIM a game changer in the construction industry? Well, for starters it helps you:

  • operate more productively
  • produce higher quality work
  • attract more talent
  • win new business

With the growing demand of BIM in our industry, now is the time to consider incorporating this progressive feature into your work.
By modeling with ATS’ BIM Library, you can make your work process easier by maintaining both time and accuracy. Set a new standard with better BIM content and better BIM projects:

Top 5 highlights of ATS’ New BIM Library

  1. Highly Optimized – ATS offers 3D BIM families that are 500KB max. in size and combined families that are approximately 800KB, so you can save and share files easily. To increase project productivity and efficiency, all files also include only the necessary details, while maintaining manufacturer family integrity.
  2. Editing Bliss – ATS BIM models are made from scratch, unlike other BIM models that use imported “blocks” as 3D geometry (“block” files are initially converted from PRO-E or similar programs to Revit). This allow users flexibility and control over dimensions of certain geometry if needed.
  3. Reliable – ATS ensure all Revit files accurately reflect the product specification sheets provided by our sponsors and comply with the most up-to-date industry standards prior to posting on to ensure that they work appropriately when inserted into any project. If users cannot find certain files, they can simply make a request via email or phone call and ATS’ BIM specialist will create them on demand.
  4. Industry Specific – ATS is the largest source for 3D BIM plumbing fixtures and accessories, mechanical equipment, drainage specialties, as well as architectural specialty products.
  5. BIM ON DEMAND – Contact ATS’ BIM specialists today in order to build custom BIM content for your next project, available at no-cost, no-catch. ATS’ BIM specialists prepare Spec packages with the users’ selected fixtures and models. They can also combine the models together, saving the architect and engineers significant amount of time.