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Neo-Metro Releases New Haute Décor Brochure

Neo-Metro is proud to announce the release of its newest Haute Décor product brochure. Haute Décor features an expansive array of Neo-Metro luxury plumbing fixtures, product features, material benefits and custom products & case studies.

Discover why porcelain plumbing fixtures are becoming obsolete in favor of stainless steel luxury fixtures. View our tried & true Ebb Concept resin basins, System M2 commercial multi-basin consoles and our new SLAB solid surface basins featuring the Dyson Airblade™ Tap faucet and hand dryer.

Available with a Steri-Touch additive to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, SLAB solid surface material is easily repairable, maintains a consistent color throughout and will aesthetically impress for years to come. Each SLAB solid surface project contains both post-consumer recycled material and rapidly renewable materials, boasting excellent shock performance, consistent color throughout and Class A burn test results. When it comes to SLAB basins & consoles, we aim to astonish.

All custom capabilities have been included to expose Neo-Metro’s finesse for custom powder coats & finishes, custom poured resin products including LED basins & tables, hand washing stations, double-wall stainless steel tubs and a collection of classic Neo-Metro Products. Resin and solid surface custom pieces contain an unsaturated acrylic and polyester resin that can be cast in any size or shape because Neo-Metro manufactures its own molds for this material. This process allows for highly customizable and unique pieces to be made and ensures infection prevention and vandal-resistance.

Read through various case studies including the 9/11 Memorial Museum in NYC and the Christopher Kennedy Compound Show House in Palm Springs, among others. The new Haute Décor brochure is sure to turn heads and can be viewed by clicking the links below.

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