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New Family Washroom Showroom Template is Now Available on Visual Spec Builder!


TORONTO, ON (April 23, 2015) – Allied Technical Services (ATS) is proud to announce that a Family Washroom showroom template has been added to the Visual Spec Builder (VSB) platform!

This latest addition offers architects, interior designers and engineers a wider range of product selection and options on ATS’ VSB platform, including Bobrick accessories and Koala Kare baby change tables. The change tables can also be switched out for Pressalit Care nursing benches or adult changing tables.

ATS invites you to log onto your VSB account to begin specifying all of your code compliant and compatible Family Washroom fixtures, fittings, accessories, and interior finishes.

VSB creates customized schedules, generates cut sheets, prepares construction documents and owner presentations, and lets designers download 3D BIM families.

Design development takes time, VSB gives it back.

For more information about VSB, please contact ATS Marketing at or call at 1.800.245.1880.

About VSB
Visual Spec Builder (VSB) is an online platform that allows designers to visually combine plumbing and architectural specialty packages for their building designs. Download your customized packages with plumbing fixture, bathroom accessory, and interior finish schedules; cut sheets; CSI Master Format; budget pricing; individual or combined Revit families; and more.

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