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Plumbing + Hydronic News: Down th’ drain

New technology raises lowly drainage to a loftier place


Every job site offers unique challenges. When it comes to higher-end residential or commercial installations, there are typically few choices to make selecting the right solution for plumbing, process, wash-down, or exterior surface drainage Ductile iron, PVC, copper and nickel bronze are the usual candidates.

Forcing their way into the mix for designers, specifiers, and installers today are new, über-versatile stainless steel and plastic technologies.

It only makes sense, as new products are rushing in to improve all facets of building performance – from hydronic efficiency to water use, re-use and backflow prevention – that drainage technologies advance as well. But, given their behind-the-wall, under-the-floor, bad breath status, the lowly drain is often last on the list for specifier consideration.

A recent entry onto the drainage stage has been the introduction of stainless steel systems. A wide variety of extremely durable drainage pipe, fittings and trim have entered the global market. For example, Blücher, a Watts Water Technologies company, is a global manufacturer of stainless steel drainage systems for applications ranging from residential bathrooms to large industrial facilities. The company’s product range includes standard and customized floor drains, drainage pipes and channels – all in stainless steel to ensure high quality, outstanding flow characteristics with minimal maintenance.

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