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We can help you build customized specifications for any application. Simply email us your project details, and one of our qualified Spec Writers will start on your project.

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All you have to do is provide us with the following information:

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-Job / Project Name (can change later)

-Job / Building Type (school, hospital, hotel, etc.)

-Architectural/Engineering Company Name (if possible)

-All Fixture References / Schedule (required) * See below for a sample schedule

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* Schedule Example:

Toilet 1 – wall hung, electronic flush valve.

Toilet 2 – wall hung, flush valve, barrier free design.

Urinal – Wall hung, electronic no touch flush valve, washdown action.

Basin 1 – counter mounted barrier free design.

Basin 2 –wall hung, electronic no touch faucet.

Bath – recessed alcove, porcelain, pressure balanced bath and handspray valve.

Shower – terrazzo shower floor, pressure balanced valve with handshower.

Stainless Steel Sink – type 302, two compartment, single lever faucet.

Janitor Mop Sink – floor mounted, terrazzo, rectangular.

Drinking Fountain – wall hung, stainless steel, barrier free design.

TMV-1–Thermostatic mixing valve.

Drainage Specialties – roof drains, floor drains, back water valves, hydrants,

cleanouts, acid neutralizers and interceptors etc.

Hot Water Tank – 100 Gal, gas

Backflow Preventer –reduced pressure

Pressure Reducing Valve –80psi max