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ATS University | 2020 System Design with Zoeller

Welcome to another ATS University webinar. Thank you to everyone who attended the live webinar! At ATS, we pride ourselves on keeping everyone up to date and providing necessary information to improve your work. 

This week we will be covering pump sizing with top to bottom with our good friends from Zoeller. 

This webinar, lead by Stuart Saville, National Sales Manager for Zoeller, covered the topic of pumps within the industry, and Zoeller products that can be beneficial to upcoming projects.

The presentation included:

  • Why pump sizing is important – which size to use, and when to use which pump
  • Basin pump sizing – how this effects the pump one should select
  • Location & applications
  • Specifying controls
  • The webinar also places a focus on submersible pumps. Submersible pumps are medically sealed so they can be placed underwater. As they are submersible, careful consideration is also placed on the transformer oil, to ensure it is non-toxic
  • Zoeller Grinder pumps are also pit-tested, which means they are submerged to ensure they will perform well in those situations

If you require submersible pumps in commercial, industrial, or municipal applications, these products might be right for your next project.

Have specific questions about products in the webinar? Let us get in touch with you. Simply leave your email below & we’ll get back to you.

About Zoeller

In 1939 Zoeller Company was founded as a family-owned operation. It made many products, including its column sump pump.

Zoeller Company has maintained the highest quality standards. All Zoeller pumps are time-tested and quality-driven. Their submersible pumps are 100% factory-tested underwater for dependability from the instant they’re plugged in- it’s called the pit test.

Zoeller products are sold throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico as well as around the world.

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