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Using an ATS Building Template

Using ATS Building Templates is a fast and easy way to get started with ATS Spec. It allows you to specify a project with Division 8, 10, and 22 products that are code compliant and compatible. You can do this either by creating a new project, or copying a building template into a new or existing project.


Using ATS Building Templates when Creating a New Project

Step 1: Create your Project

Begin creating a new project with ATS Spec by clicking the “Create New Project” button on the project page.

Fill out all of the required project information. At the bottom of the form, check the box that says “From ATS Building Template”.

ATS offers three template types for you to get started with:

  • Standard features manual fixtures. This is a good option if you are over budget and need value engineering options
  • Renovation focuses on automatic battery operated designs. This is particularly useful when you need to work around hardwiring.

Once you’ve selected one of the template types to get started with, click create.

Step 2: Customize the Template’s Product Selections

Select the divisions or specific products you want from the template by checking off the boxes respectively next to the divisions or products. You can browse through the different divisions by clicking on the different tabs.

Once all selections have been made, click “Copy”. This will copy all of the selected divisions or products into your project.

Using ATS Building Templates with an Existing Project

Step 1: Getting to the Building Templates page

From the ATS Projects Page, click the tab that says “Masters”. From here, select the “ATS Building Templates button.

Step 2: Finding and Selecting the Building Template for your Project

Filter the ATS Building Templates by Class and Type for the project you are looking to import a template into. ATS Spec does not allow you to import templates that do not match your existing project details, so be sure that you have selected the appropriate building class and type. After you’ve entered the filter information, click “Search” to filter the ATS Building Templates.

Step 3: Copying the Template

Either click “Copy Template” or “View All Products”. Viewing all products will allow you to select all products in a division and/or specific products within a division that you want to copy into your project. If you’ve chosen to view all products, once you are finished defining your selections, simply press “Copy”. For more details, check out Step 2 on the previous section “Using ATS Building Templates with an Existing Project”.

Step 4: Importing the Template into your Project

Select the project from your list of pre-existing projects that you would like to import the template into by selecting the “Copy into” option. You can also use this method to copy directly into a new project by clicking “New Project”.

Once you’ve finished, check out our guide on “How to Download”, and let us show you how ATS Spec helps you save time with creating complex specifications.

We hope this guide was helpful to you.

We strive to help our users save time with their division 8, 10 and division 22 specifications. We invite you to browse our Help Center for a series of “how to” videos and guides. Should there be a video or guide you feel will benefit yourself and fellow users, please do not hesitate contact

Thank you for using ATS Spec!

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