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Editing Products with ATS Spec

Specifying a project has a lot of moving pieces. ATS Spec allows you to customize, and edit your project in a variety of different ways to help you easily make changes and stay up-to-date. The below step-by-step guide details how to Edit a Product Selection with ATS Spec.

Step 1: Getting to the Project Creation Page

You can access the Edit products page from the Projects tab. After selecting your project, you can either click “Edit All Products” to edit all products in an entire project, or “Edit Products” to only edit the products in a specific group or room.

Step 2: Editing Products

Once you’re on the Edit Products page, simply click on any product picture or number you would like to edit, change, or update. By doing so, you will be brought back to the ATS Spec’s product configurator where you may select the new or updated product, along with the other compatible products. For details on further configuring a product, check out the example guides on “Specifying Architectural Specialties” or “Specifying Drainage Specialties”.

Back on the “Edit Products” page, along the top bar,there are other options that you can apply to all currently selected products and fixtures.

Functionality of Different Tools

1. Copy

Allows to copy product specifications into other projects, or masters.

2. Email

Sends a PDF cutsheet of the selected products to any email you want.

3. Move

Allows to move products to a different room within your project.

4. Duplicate

Allows to create a duplicate of the selected drawing into your current room or a different room within the same project. This is useful for when you want to edit a product, but do not want to lose your original configuration.

5. Delete

Deletes your selection.

6. Autocad & Revit Drawings

Automatically downloads a zipped folder of 3D BIM models for the selected products.

7. Order by…

Sequence by dropdown allows you to select if you’d like to organize your project by division, room, or sequence.

We hope this guide was helpful to you.

We strive to help our users save time with their division 8, 10 and division 22 specifications. We invite you to browse our Help Center for a series of “how to” videos and guides. Should there be a video or guide you feel will benefit yourself and fellow users, please do not hesitate contact

Thank you for using ATS Spec!

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