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Multi-Family Residential is always in high demand. Specify and package your next residential project on ATS Spec. Whether you are building from scratch or renovating, ATS has a wide range of products to cover all of your plumbing and architectural speciality needs. Start saving time today and allow ATS Spec to help you package your next Multi-Family Residential Designs in any of our 10+ formats.

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American Standard Boxe Undermount 0315.000.020 20” x 16” (508 x 406 mm)
American Standard Times Square T184.502.002 2.08gpm/9.5L/min. The new American Standard Times Square™ is a great option to meet a more modern style. This product has clean, simple lines that can fit any bathroom design.
American Standard Times Square 7184.101.002 1.25 gpm/5.7L/min. Times Square™ Collection builds upon simple geometric shapes that will transform the look and feel of your bathroom instantly.
American Standard ActiClean Self-Cleaning 714AA154.020 4.8 Lpf/1.28 gpf ActiClean is a self-Cleaning toilet that cleans and removes stains with two cleaning cycle options. The ActiClean, has the new Vormax flush technology to help maintain a clean bowl in-between cleaning.



























TRESPA® PURA NFC®* “Façade Siding PU24 Pura NFC® planks are made from up to 70% natural fibers, which are sourced from sustainable forests. All Trespa® Pura NFC® products are certified according to the PEFC™ standard. * Note that TRESPA® PURA NFC® can only be installed on the first three stories of your exterior façade.
Arpa FENIXNTM® Custom Countertops 0720 FENIXNTM®, A nanotech material – the next generation acrylic resins, hardened and fixed with Electron Beam Curing process. With low light reflectivity, its surface is extremely opaque, anti-fingerprint and features a very soft touch that thermally heals any superficial micro-scratches.
American Standard CollinaTM Dual Control 4717.302.002 1.5 gpm / 5.7 L/min. CollinaTM has a european look with a simple and clean design. Pull-down 2 Functions spray with 78- 3/4” (2000mm) Long Nylon Spray Hose for superior function and colour matched spray buttons.
Franke Kubus KBX120-30 30 1/8” x 17 5/16” (765 x 440 mm)













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