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Smart Connectivity Solutions For The MultiFamily Residential Building

The level of Smart connectivity within a commercial building has grown rapidly likely in response to the Internet of Things (IoT) or the ever-increasing number of facility systems, business equipment and everyday objects that are connected over the internet. Connective solutions within the home have become very popular with smart speakers like Google Home and Alexa.

Smart Connectivity Solutions for Building Management

These technological advancements have not been limited to the single-family home, as there are now connective solutions for multi-residential applications which help with the functionality, water-efficiency, and ease of management of multi-family, residential buildings.

ICOMM System by A.O Smith

ICOMM Smart Connectivity

The first in our lineup is the ICOMM System. This year A.O Smith introduced new features and additional technological advancements to their ICOMM system.

The ICOMM system allows one to monitor a fleet of water heaters remotely through an app. It provides users with current and historical water heater data. Not only that, but it sends alerts to notify users of leaks and other issues, minimizing system downtime and system interruptions.

With the new iCOMM Connectivity Platform introduced this year, connecting and interacting with cyclone water heater is easier than ever!  The new iCOMM Connectivity Platform is available via the A. O. Smith app on iOS- and Android-ready mobile devices. Additionally, now all Cyclone® MXi models come standard with onboard Wi-Fi, which makes remotely connecting and interacting with Cyclone water heaters easy and free.

IntelliStation® Smart Mixing + Recirculation system by PowersIntelliStation Smart Connectivity

Another product developed for creating ease of water management is the IntelliStation ®. A few years ago POWERS™ introduced the IntelliStation®, a smart way to deliver mixed water throughout a hot water recirculation loop. The digital water mixing and recirculation solution can be integrated with a building automation system (BAS) to allow facilities managers to remotely monitor and control water temperatures.

All data is viewable via the digital display and remotely via BAS communications. In addition, the control contains “Alert” contact relays to aid in remote notifications. In case of a power failure, the valve goes to full cold.

Z Control® Gateway by Zoeller

Z Control Gateway Smart Connectivity

Zoeller has added a new control panel available to their Oil Guard® Systems. The Oil Guard® Systems are engineered to identify and protect the environment from oil and hydrocarbon dispersions. With the help of Z Control panel, users receive text, email & push notifications of alarms, remotely.

Smart Connectivity Solutions within the Suite

The ICOMM, IntelliStation® and Z Control Gateway are great products to help with the efficiency in managing multi-residential buildings as a whole. Now let’s take a look at some of the exciting connective solutions for within the suite.

GROHE F-digitalGrohe Smart Connectivity

Grohe offers a digital bathroom experience with its GROHE F-digital. The wireless Digital Controller and Digital Diverter connect remotely to a thermostatic mixing unit, for accurate temperature control, greater showering comfort, and enhanced design freedom. To go one step further the intuitive GROHE F-digital Deluxe App lets you design your own personal combination of lighting, sound, and steam – by touchscreen or wireless Bluetooth connection – for a personalized spa sanctuary.

AT200 LS SPALET Integrated Electronic Bidet Toilet

Smart Connectivity

Although the DXV AT200 LS SpaLet is not a Wi-Fi enabled it’s pretty close. The Integrated Smart Bidet uses as little as 0.92 gallons per flush and provides a variety of completely automated, easily adjustable functions to turn the bathroom into a relaxing, life-enhancing space. Luxury conveniences include hands-free flushing, automated lid opening and closing, and seat heating.

Exciting Products Coming Soon!

Something to watch out for from a Kitchen design standpoint. Many kitchen faucet manufacturers have announced plans to create Wi-Fi-connected kitchen faucets that work with Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated digital assistant. That means that you’ll be able to use voice commands to do tasks like turn the water on or off, pour out a specific amount of water, or warm that water.  No more getting the faucet dirty, ftw!

To learn more about these solutions, contact your local ATS rep.



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