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Environments for Aging: Water and Plumbing Solutions

Canadian Guide: Water & Plumbing Solutions

Efficient water and plumbing solutions are arguably the most important aspect of any building.  In environments for aging such as homes where seniors would like to age-in-place, or assisted living and long-term care facilities,  water efficiency contributes greatly to energy savings. Less water used means less water heated and less water transported, saving money that can be used on creating better environments for aging and creating more facilities to care for the elderly.

Here are some plumbing solutions that will improve the water quality and help make your next project water efficient:


Lawler Manifold Pre-Piped Digital Control and Monitoring 



This complete solution is a part of Lawler’s Power of One™ pre-piped, pre-packaged, pre-tested systems, intended to give you and your customers one point of design and one point of accountability.



OneFlow Anti-Scale System for 75 gpm (284 lpm)

OneFlow Anti-Scale System for 75 gpm (284 lpm)



The OneFlow® system provides protection from the ill effects of hard water.








A.O. Smith Integrated tank and tankless solutions

A.O. Smith Water Heater water & Plumbing Solutions



Integrated tank and tankless solutions with a 119 USG storage tank, 199,000 BTU/h Tankless (CT-199) with 96% thermal efficiency.








Watts Pressure-reducing valves

Watts Pressure-reducing valves Plumbing Solutions



They are used to reduce incoming water pressure to protect plumbing system components and to reduce water consumption. Calculations show that a Watts water pressure reducing valve can save as much as 30% on domestic water heating costs.






Zoeller Grinder Pumps Shark® Series

Zoeller Grinder Pumps SharkSeries- Plumbing Solutions



Durable, heavy-duty, finned, cast iron construction, Cutters can automatically alternate direction to enhance blade life and free hang-ups (automatic or manual)








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