Release notes

Release notes: January 30, 2020

January 30, 2020

What’s New
NEW: New format to allow users to download individual Revit families for every product organized based on their project specification
NEW: List of filters for each product category are displayed to help user find their products and create an accurate specification

What’s Improved
Improved the filtering process where the product options will be automatically selected if a filter option is selected by the user
Improved submittal download speed by ~30 seconds or ~50% on average based on specifications containing 75 products with 15 drawings
Updated the production selection steps to include a loading button to better inform the user and prevent mistakes
Updated the submittal title page to remove future features and adjustment to borders
Changed carrier rules message to be less restrictive and warning icon to information icons to prompt the user that additional products might be required
Updated the product selection steps to include back to spec button to guide the user back to the specification detail page
Spec sheet pdf for products/series will open in a new tab

What’s Fixed
Login and registration image banner was updated to be generic
Text change from fixture category to product category during the product selection process
Resolved various specification schedule contents and formatting issue
Resolved an issue with filters on the project list widget in the spec dashboard
Resolved an issue with favicons not being loaded on white label spec tools