Release notes

Release notes: March 3, 2020

March 3rd, 2020

What’s New
NEW: Product brochure (marketing and promotional document that is designed to inform prospective customers the selected products within a specification or project) are added as part of print formats
NEW: Accessory schedule has been added to be part of schedule print formats
NEW: Reporting service which includes user login and registration report to measure user sign-up and login counts
NEW: Improved specification print workflow to open a new browser tab to allow user to start multiple prints simultaneously

What’s Improved
Filters are removed once the product selections are complete
Updated list of user role type during registration to match with industry standard
Updated list of organization type during registration to include additional industry firm types
Lists of category are organized alphabetically to make searching for categories intuitive and faster
Display by category was changed to Subdivision to provide clarity on the feature
Removal of spec action items on product selection and project detail page
Improved the look and feel of drainage/backflow schedule
Incorporated a new loading view for project and specification list
Price field is hidden during product selection until data and development support
Updated validation message on area field during project creation/edit

What’s Fixed
Resolved an issue with specification deletion on the project list
Resolved a minor issue with warning message during login
Resolved an issue with displaying cover data on drainage schedule
Improved the product detail section by standardization of layout and text
Changed the terms & conditions of Bobrick spec tool to ATS’ terms & conditions
Resolved a minor issue with forget password page formatting
Resolved various issue with dashboard filters