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Wake Up and Learn: How To Adjust to the Ontario Building Code SB-10


On Tuesday, June 19th, ATS Spec Solutions, and Ecovert hosted our Wake Up & Learn event which featured 2 breakfast sessions, highlighting the recent changes to the Ontario Building Code Special Bulletin #10.

Our expert panel included Ecovert Founding Principal Adolfo Silva, Founding Partner Jim Lord, Director of Building Performance, Michael Guadgnoli and ATS’s very own Ontario Specification Account Manager, Ryan Davidson.

While our guest enjoyed breakfast at the Baka Café in the heart of Toronto, our experienced panel discussed how firms should adjust to the rapidly changing code requirements and covered topics such as:

  • Options for meeting SB-10 via either prescriptive or performance path strategies
  • Energy efficiency requirements, carbon emissions and peak demand restrictions
  • Reference standards and providing design strategies that will ensure your projects comply with current code requirements
  • Guidance on design strategies with respect to building envelope, mechanical design, and lighting.

ATS Spec Solutions and Ecovert Sustainability Consultants would like to thank all of those who joined us and benefited from the content, networking, and experience we provided. For those who missed us, stay tuned for future event opportunities!


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Ecovert | Sustainability Consultants

Ecovert delivers the big picture approach to environmental sustainability without sacrificing straightforward solutions. Our enthusiastic and caring team confidently leads our clients through each stage of their sustainable evolution. We’re greening the world—one building at a time.

To learn more about the recent changes to the Ontario Building Code, Special Bulletin #10, or if you would simply like to receive more information about ATS Spec Solutions, please contact marketing@atsspec.com.

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