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Your Recap of, Relocatable Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures


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Flush your previous thoughts of Plumbing Fixtures with Relocatable Bathroom Fixtures; an emerging new technology that provides creative problem-solving for architects.

As part of a trend focused census, it was determined that Canadian seniors now outnumber children – 5.9 million Canadian seniors, compared to 5.8 million Canadians aged 14 or younger. They are living to the age of 82, nine years longer than they did 50 years ago, and too often facilities are crowded with people who don’t necessarily require round–the-clock care.  Typically, the elderly, disabled, and those with debilitating medical conditions require special accommodation, and Relocatable Bathroom Fixtures is a dynamic solution that can fit their needs.

Benefits for Architects

Meet ADA accessibility guidelines by using less space. It is also a cost-effective method of relocating fixtures, and solves ADA disability access codes for more living units and common space possible within existing footprint of facility.

  • Creative problem-solving for architects
  • The fixture relocation process is quick and easy
  • More living units and common space possible within existing footprint of facility
  • Meets ADA accessibility guidelines using less space, such as small bathrooms, incorporate more units per facility –reducing cost in square footage
  • Helps to meet budgets
Relocatable Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures
Bathroom Shown Above is 7’6” x 6’11”

Cost Effective

The savings due to reduction in square footage, despite the cost and installation of the mounting system hardware. The fixture relocation process is quick and easy – it does not require special tools or skills. Relocating the fixtures is

  • Savings in total construction costs (sq. ft. cost per resident)
  • It does not require special tools or skills

Accommodating disabled residents

Relocatable Bathroom Fixtures aids seniors and the disabled with maintaining an independent standard of living by adapting the facility to fit the needs, rather than forcing them to adapt their lifestyles to fit the facility.

As this hardware provides more space, you can give more attention to the safety and convenience of both residents and caregivers.

  • This technology easily accommodates disabled residents with height adjustable sinks, kitchen cabinets and counter-tops, and integrated grab bars.
  • The Horizontal Track provides easier maneuverability for residence in smaller spaces
  • Makes life much more comfortable, and assists them with maintaining independent living standards.

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