Release Notes- April 27th, 2022

Release Notes- April 27th, 2022

What’s New

Specify Laboratory Furniture on ATS Spec Tool

ATS Spec Tool users can now design and  configure custom laboratory casework and download Revit files, CSI 3 part specifications or whatever the project requires.

Complete a lab design on ATS Spec Tool with:

a) Laboratory Furniture

b) Emergency Equipment

c) Chemical Waste system, and more

Specify NEW A.O Smith Electrical Hot Water Heater

The new Dura-Power commercial electric water heaters are now available on the ATS Spec Tool.

Maintenant en Francais

Vous pouvez désormais rechercher des informations sur les produits et télécharger des spécifications personnalisées en français.

You can now research product information and download customized specifications in French.

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