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HDPE Plastic interceptors, a new requirement in Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade County recently passed an ordinance requiring HDPE plastic interceptors, in their County, to have a 99% efficiency performance and a solid interceptor in front of every grease interceptor.

Keep your building up to code and specify a compliant interceptor with ATS Spec today.

Step 1: Log into ATS Spec, find the product under “Plumbing Equipment and Drainage Specialty”













Step 2: Select “Drainage Specialty”
Step 3: Select ” Interceptor”
Step 4: Select Desired Product

The interceptors that have 99% Removal Efficiency Ratings are:

  • Big Max – Big-750 – 75 GPM, 2 units required, 1306.30 lbs of grease storage per 2 interceptors
  • Big Max – Big-1150 – 100 GPM, 2 units required, 2178.88 lbs of grease storage per 2 interceptors
  • Super Max – SUPER-500 – 100 GPM, 1 unit required, 298.65 lbs of grease storage per interceptor


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