ATS Enterprise demand suite for manufacturers

ATS Enterprise demand suite for manufacturers

Specified Products Sell More

Drive more demand for your products early in the project design phase. ATS is the only solution that helps you get into more specs at all stages of a project.

  1. Early Stage Design

    An e-commerce style spec writing tool that gets your products in front of thousands of specifiers and allows your product to be pulled-into projects based on smart recommendations & alternative suggestions.

  2. Alternative Selection

    Make it easy for specifiers and contractors to cross from your competitors’ products to your product. This white-label solution gives you a branded website platform that allows anyone to quickly find the correct cross reference from any other product to your product and then download the spec sheet and other digital assets.

  3. Project Prep Phase

    Managing all your spec sheets, CAD files, Revit files, BIM files and other digital assets can be a challenge, but not with ATS as our platform connects to your specification application and ensures accurate, up-to-date, ungated access for your users and even encourages them to build your products into their specification.

  4. Quotation and Bidding

    From owner to order, the ATS AutoQuote is the only project and lead management platform that connects all touch points within the construction industry. From pre-design leads, to specification building, and project chasing, to building product quotations, the ATS AutoQuote connects the entire chain through to the Order.

Manufacturers can now align marketing efforts with the people who do the work. Get visibility to your products through the entire process from the specifiers, manufactures reps, distributors, wholesalers & contractors.

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