Hospitality/Hotel Design with ATS SpecTool

Hospitality/Hotel Design with ATS SpecTool


(00:00 – 04:00) Chapter 1: Introduction 

  • Overview: Zach Allison introduces himself and the purpose of the session, focusing on ATS University sessions for hospitality design.
  • Team Introduction: He introduces Rebeca Perullero, highlighting her significant contributions to ATS and her new title.
  • Session Aim: The session aims to discuss applications, product selections for hospitality projects, and how the ATS SpecTool can enhance efficiency in these projects.


(04:01 – 19:00) Chapter 2: Deep Dive into Hospitality Design 

  • Product Discussions: Deep dive into First Co Air Handlers, focusing on floor and wall mount options for guest suites.
  • Design Considerations: Discussion on the various design considerations in hospitality facilities, emphasizing not just guest rooms but also lobby areas, amenity areas, and massive mechanical rooms.
  • Session Structure: The approach involves covering everything from product deep dives to sizing discussions and code-based discussions.


(19:01 – 27:00) Chapter 3: Hospitality Trends and Design Directions 

  • Top Hospitality Trends: The key trends include prioritizing health and wellness, blending business and leisure travel (B-leisure), and eco-friendly practices.
  • Design Trends: Insights into the guest experience, with a focus on aesthetics, ambiance, functionality, sustainability, safety, and the adaptability of spaces to meet diverse guest needs.
  • Product and Design Preferences: Discussion on how trends are influencing product choices and design preferences in hospitality spaces.


(27:01 – 40:00) Chapter 4: Detailed Product Insights 

  • Bathroom Essentials: Examination of toilets, basins, showers, and related products, emphasizing water efficiency, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. Products like the Cadet toilet by American Standard are discussed as economical yet reliable options.
  • Faucets and Accessories: Overview of faucets and bathroom accessories, highlighting eco-friendly options, aesthetics, and functionality. Mention of various styles, including high-end offerings from brands like Grohe.
  • Guest Room Considerations: Delve into products for guest rooms, focusing on how specific products and designs can enhance the guest experience, including ADA-compliant products.


(40:01 – 49:00) Chapter 5: Lobby and Amenity Area Design 

  • Lobby Bathroom Standards: Recommendations for hygiene and ease of cleaning, such as wall-hung toilets. Also mentions automatic flush valves for enhanced cleanliness.
  • Amenities and Luxury Space Outfitting: Suggestions for use in amenity spaces and luxury suites, including high-end faucets, shower systems, and washroom accessories tailored for a luxury guest experience.


(49:01 – 58:00) Chapter 6: Product Specification and Efficiency with ATS SpecTool 

  • Using ATS SpecTool: Demonstration of how ATS SpecTool can streamline the product specification process for hospitality projects. Guide on building project specifications, selecting products, and generating documentation.
  • Efficiency in Design: Insight into creating masters for recurrent projects to enhance efficiency and consistency across multiple hospitality projects. Includes tips on managing and updating project specifications.


(58:01 – end) Chapter 7: Summary and Conclusion 

  • Recap of Session Highlights: Summarizes the key discussion points from the session, emphasizing the role of ATS SpecTool in aiding the design and specification process for hospitality projects.
  • Final Thoughts: Zach Allison thanks attendees and speaks about the importance of staying updated with design trends and product innovations to create exceptional hospitality spaces.