Next Generation PTAC Units

Next Generation PTAC Units


[00:23] Chapter 1: Introduction to the Webinar

  • Brief on the partnership between ATS SpecTool and First Company.
  • Insight into First Co. establishment and presence in Ontario.

[01:15] Chapter 2: First Company and ATS SpecTool Partnership

  • Discussion on First Co. being featured on ATS SpecTool.
  • Aims of the ATS SpecTool to deliver full project HVAC specifications.

[03:49] Chapter 3: Product Range of First Company

  • Exploration of First Co. product offerings, including air handlers and PTACs.
  • Description of PTAC units and their adaptability for various installation requirements.

[09:28] Chapter 4: Installation and Features of PTAC Units

  • In-depth look at PTAC unit installation processes and design efficiency.
  • Highlight of the unique integration of ERV systems in First Co. Fresh Pack series.

[28:20] Chapter 5: Configuration and Selection of Products

  • Guidance on configuring HVAC products using ATS SpecTool.
  • Emphasis on proper specifications for efficient project planning and execution.

[35:07] Chapter 6: Q&A, Discussion on Incentives, and Additional Features

  • Answers to participants’ inquiries regarding First Co. PTAC units specifications.
  • Conversations about potential governmental incentives for eco-friendly HVAC systems.
  • Demonstration of locating and configuring PTAC units in ATS SpecTool.

[37:51 Chapter 7: Demonstration of the ATS SpecTool

  • Practical walkthrough of the ATS SpecTool configurator in action.
  • Presentation of various exportable content such as Revit files and specification sheets.
  • Interactive session provides further explanations on harnessing SpecTool features.