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Evolution of hand hygiene in the health sector and OSHPD requirements

Franke’s ozone products dispense bacteria-killing ozonated water on demand, protecting staff, patients and visitors from exposure to potential infection in public facilities throughout North America

For over 100 years, Franke has thrived on innovative engineering and outstanding design.

Franke is exceptionally diverse and continues to develop products that surpass industry standards.

Franke has found a solution to a well-known problem, namely that the spread of germs and bacteria is an alarming problem in hospitals and other public places. In fact, healthcare-associated infections are the third leading cause of death in North America.

Franke has recently been approved by California’s State Planning and Health Development Office or OSHPD in California for the Medi-flo Hand Hygiene Sink to meet building code standards for any project construction or renovation of health care in the state of California.

Franke integrates intelligent, functional design with innovative Ozone Technology to limit exposure of patients, staff, and visitors to potential infections.

Here’s what you need to know about the Medi-flo Hand Hygiene Sink:

Franke Medi-flo Hand Hygiene Sink

  • Time-kill studies prove that Medi-flo’s ozonated water flow safely kills biofilms in the sink and the waste with every use while improving the effectiveness of hand washing.
  • Ozonated water has proven effective at removing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Pseudomonas, Candida auris, and Clostridium difficile from the faucet, sink, drain and hands; thereby reducing the spread of infection.
  • Limits patient, staff and visitor exposure to potential infection
  • Infra-red sensor delivers ozonated water and mixed oxidants on demand
  • Solid surface mineral composite sink with removable shroud 
  • Post-wash cycle to rinse soap residue
  • Programmable trap cleaning cycles
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Offset rear wast


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